Hans & Helene’s Small Town Orchestra.

Hør albumet her: 12.08.2020

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«The new America» is written and recorded over a 3 year period from 2016 to 2019. It is inspired by our common musical heritage, the musical activity of our parents and all the records we listened to growing up in the 1980s and 90s. To us it is really about making country music with solid dozes of various spices.

We belive that this album reflects important moments from our travels and our lives and we would be most happy if these songs was to become important to other people as well ,and that is why we want to share them at a very important moment in time. We belive that big changes in history will lead us and guide us through the metamorphosis and give us a chance to take on the adult forms of human beings.

This production has taken us from the UFO energies in Hessdalen, all the way around the world, to the west coast of the US, and back to the middle of Norway. From the two of us, to all of you; «The new America welcomes you.»

«Levtiation Pt 2» is a special tribute to Geir Rune Engan, Vidar Busk , Stein Hansen and Tormod Leithe.

«Some Soul Shine» is dedicated to Kjell Magne Nakken.
«Big Sky» is dedicated to Willy Kristoffersen.

Thanx to: Arvid and Mona, Kjell Magne, Kina, Roar, Aki, Kid, Jim, Kimberly, Katie, Sarah, Oda, Johanne, Emmet, Frode, Stein, Berit, Andreas, Kjell, Halvor, Arnstein, Einar, Vetle, Bjørn Ola, Kim, Leon, Barbara, Doris,»The Rog», Vanessa, Eric and Trond.

Music and Lyrics by Small Town Orchestra
(«Follow me» is written by Dennis Lee and Phillip Balsam)
Lyrics consultants: Akarsha Kumar, Katie Eacrett Molin, Jim Rogers and Kimberly Tangmo Rogers

Vocals, Percussions, Drums and Keyboards performed by Helene Misund.
Guitars, Vocals,Percussions, Keyboards, Bass, and Zither by Hans Bollandsås.
Special background vocals by Sarah Enodd.
Additional percussions by Oda & Johanne.

Recorded and mixed by Hans Bollandsås.
Mastered by Roar Øien and Hans Bollandsås.
Cover design by  Marcin Lukaszewicz, Hans Bollandsås, Helene Misund and Tormod Leithe.

Released by Galactic Park.

01 Levitation
02 Big Sky
03 Only Me
04 Some Soul Shine
05 Crossingovertime
05 Follow Me(Full version)
06 Levitation pt.2
07 Flowerking
08 Unconditional