HANSolo ft. Hans Bollandsås

Hør albumet her: 12.08.2020

iTunes / Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1525751620
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4NmcIo8SGEY3xRKX3mc2fP

This album is a Lo-Fi tribute to all blues performers all around the world. In my efforts to try to be a true interpereter of the blues I `ve probably had good luck against me, and to many shiny days, but still I feel that it is an exiting challenge that probably will take me my whole life to accomplish. I have chosen a mix of old songs and brand new instrumentals because this is a tribute to both passed away and alive performers of today. Let´s keep watching out for each other, from both sides.

Best regards, HANS.

Recorded, played, mixed and produced by Hans Bollandsås.
Mastered by Tormod Leithe
Additional musicians:
Håvard Sterten; Drums on The Chinese Ball and Anytime you want.
Aki Kumar; Harmonica on Champagne and Reefer.
Helene Misund; female vocals, percussions on So sad to be lonesome and Give me back my wig.

Released by Galactic Park