Oh what a day, er første singel fra Small Town Orchestra sitt kommende album.

Plateselskap: Galactic Park 2021 / © Small Town Orchestra

Utgivelse: Digitalt – 7. april 2021

Written by Hans Bollandsås & Helene Misund.
Produced / recorded and mixed by Hans Bollandsås and Helene Misund
Mastered by Tormod Leithe at Galactic Park

Helene Misund: Lead vocals & Percussions and Back-up vocals
Hans Bollandsås: Guitars, Organ guitar, Bass Guitar, Back-up vocals and percussions
Roar Øien: Steel guitar
Halvor Mjøen: Drums
Arnstein Solem: Saxophones
Svein Buan: Trombone
Bart Szopinski: Keyboards
Hanna Berget Tangvik: Lead vocals on middle part
Oda Bollandsås: Acoustic Guitar on middle part
Johanne Bollandsås: Handclaps
Emmet Nakken Botten: Tamburin

Design: Dynamis Design

This production is supported by Regionalforvaltning.no


Oh, what a day
Oh, what a day
We’re falling short
but we have to pay
We’re on our way
We’re on our way
We fell behind
now we’re here to stay

We wanna hear people singing
and see children on our lawn
We dont wanna fear the beginning
Of a sleepless night
Oh, what a day

What is the truth?
What is a lie?
Who knows what’ll happen
When we die?
Are we in shape?
Are we in danger
behind the curtains,
behind the lines?

What if a god
could run the world
and make us remember
what we’ve learned by now
No more money
No more might
No more love outta´sight

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