Utgivelsesdato: 22 Sep. 2020


The third taste from the Galactic Funk sophomore album.

Galactic Funk always record their quazi-spiritual music in a studio only a few kilometers from Hessdalen… That is not without a reason!

Since the early 80’s, Hessdalen in Trøndelag have had the biggest ongoing UFO-wave. No other place in the World has there been seen so many UFO’s over such a long period of time… and that inspirational wave now continues with the new single [ bih-leev ] which is very receptive for the unknown soul. «Whatever you think, is true!»

Komponist: Galactic Funk
Lead vokal og tekst: Petter Aagaard & Tormod Leithe
Produsent, instrumenter og mix: Tormod Leithe
Mastering; Bjørn Erik Pedersen, Galactic Park